Oct 08

Minefield – The Need for Speed!

Mozilla Minefield

If you thought that the recently announced Google Chrome browser was the fastest browser on earth, then it could be shortlived by Minefiled from Mozilla. Minefield is Mozilla’s code-name for the next generation of Firefox, and the code name is used for unofficial builds to avoid infringing upon the Firefox name. So it’s basically just Mozilla’s testing ground for its pre-alpha nightly builds of future browser ideas. Continue reading →

Jul 08

Firefox 3.0.1 has been released

Firefox 3.0.1 has been released. The new release fixes a few glitches and and three security advisories:

Crash with malformed GIF file on Mac OS X
Command-line URLs launch multiple tabs when Firefox not running
Remote code execution by overflowing CSS reference counter

If your Firefox hasn’t automatically updated yet, you can update your browser by clicking “Check for Updates” in the “Help” menu.

Jun 08

Firefox 3: New front in the browser war!

It has been 2 weeks since the much hyped FireFox 3 has been launched. Mozilla claims to have logged in excess of 20.3 million downloads until now. The browser saw 8 million downloads within the first 24-hours of its release. This download feat is considered as a the most downloaded file in a single day and is being considered for inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records. Amidst all the hype it has created, did the new version live up to everyone’s expectations or was it just old wine in a new bottle? Lets have a breakdown of what the new version offers! Continue reading →

Apr 07

Must have Firefox extensions / addons / plug-ins

Many people are making the switch to Firefox ( the free browser that adds security and many other features to your daily web browsing. Although Firefox is great by itself, many people don’t know that there are hundreds of extension (plugins / addons / plug-ins) available that will install in seconds and work flawlessly with your Firefox browser.

I have compiled a list of Continue reading →