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Aug 10

Domain Pricing Update

While other hosting companies seem to be raising the prices of domain registration, here at SharkSpace we are doing the opposite!   We have dropped the pricing of domain renewals down to the same cost as registration $8.95

But wait thats not all!  Starting today all domain transfers into the SharkSpace registry are only $1! So hop to it and transfer your domain to us today!

~~~~~~~~~UPDATE 8-25-2010~~~~~~~~~

Due to the overwhelming success of our $1 transfers we are having to limit them to 100 per month.

So now if you would like to transfer your domain for $1 you will need to use this coupon code: dollartransfer

but remember you will have to be in the first 100 to use the code each month.


Jul 10

SharkSpace is now on RatePoint

You may notice rate point links and images across the Shark Space website, this is because we have just signed up with them so that we can start collecting your reviews and feedback on our service.  Here at Shark Space we thrive on user feedback, it is the only way we can grow our company and improve our service, we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the users that use our products and services.  So please leave us a review as soon as you can!

Ways to leave a review:

It couldn’t be easier!  We look forward to your reviews!

Jul 10

Passing On the Torch

Over the past few months SharkSpace founder Scott Jones has passed on the torch and his day to day roles to Jon Eichler.  Jon is a seasoned industry pro and is working hard to continue the work the Scott started.  SharkSpace is still an independent company and will always be true to its roots of offering non-unlimited hosting pages. We are looking forward to growing and investing in our servers, support and infrastructure and continuing to offer the same great service and support that SharkSpace always has provided.
Jon can always be reached at [email protected] with any questions you might have.

Nov 09

SharkSpace is considering Softaculous script installer

SharkSpace is considering replacing Fantastico with with Softaculous script installer. Softaculous installs 108+ scripts (list). Softaculous installs more scripts, is faster and is easier to use than Fantastico. We currently are evaluating the software and once it passes our testing we will open a poll up to our current clients asking which software they would like to have Fantastico or Softaculous.

Nov 09

SharkSpace adds 24/7 Phone Support and Sales

SharkSpace adds to its already impressive customer service options by adding 24/7 Phone Support and Sales. The SharkSpace call center is located in Phoenix, Arizona and is staffed with web hosting technical support professionals. Phone support can be used for all level 1 technical support questions that do not require server login.

The SharkSpace toll free number is: 1-888-375-1050

Aug 09

No overselling policy on reseller hosting (optional overselling allowed)


SharkSpace does not allow overselling on reseller packages. Overselling refers to the ability to sell more bandwidth and disk space than you have purchased.

If you require overselling your reseller package will then have account limits. The account limits per package are:
Arctic: 25 Accounts
Indian: 40 Accounts
Atlantic: 60 Accounts
Pacific: 100 Accounts

Why will overselling not work on reseller packages?

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Jun 08

Firefox 3: New front in the browser war!

It has been 2 weeks since the much hyped FireFox 3 has been launched. Mozilla claims to have logged in excess of 20.3 million downloads until now. The browser saw 8 million downloads within the first 24-hours of its release. This download feat is considered as a the most downloaded file in a single day and is being considered for inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records. Amidst all the hype it has created, did the new version live up to everyone’s expectations or was it just old wine in a new bottle? Lets have a breakdown of what the new version offers! Continue reading →

Feb 07

Reseller web hosting package limits now doubled!

The Arctic, Indian, Atlantic and Pacific reseller packages all had their storage space and bandwidth limits doubled.

To read the full press release:

Current clients on how to upgrade:

Feb 07

SharkCenter 2.0 Launched.

The new SharkSpace billing and order management area is now launched. The new system is straight forward and much easier to use.

Jan 07

SharkCenter 2.0 is coming!

The new SharkSpace client area and order management system are nearly completed. The new upgraded system will be easy to use and straight forward. It hopefully will be ready and in production by February 15th, 2007.