Dec 10

Official SharkSpace Twitter Account!

SharkSpace has finally setup a twitter account!   Please follow us at  http://twitter.com/sharkspacehost

We will be posting some great specials for current clients and new clients.  Also we will try to keep you updated weekly about the new and exciting things happening at SharkSpace.

Aug 10

SharkSpace Partners with Site Lock!

It is now official, SharkSpace is an official partner with Site Lock!

Who/what is SiteLock?

SiteLock was founded on the principle that Internet security should no longer be an expensive, intimidating topic, accessible only to large corporations with IT departments full of engineers. They have set out to democratize Internet security, providing an easy-to-use service focused on providing security for small businesses.

SiteLock is backed by tenured investors with a heritage in providing web and telecommunications solutions to small businesses. It is run by seasoned security veterans trained at Caltech, MIT, Wharton and Stanford.

So what does this partnership mean for you?

Well two things:

1. Our system is scanned daily by site lock to ensure that your information stored with us is 100% safe and not at risk at all!

2.  You can ensure your business with the exact same system, at discounted rate that you can only get through SharkSpace!

Why is this important?

Studies show that 90% of online users prefer to use websites that have a Security Seal

How does Site Lock work?

Step 1 - Business Verification: Verify your business credentials such as email, phone and address.

Step 2 – 360 Degree Scan Technology: Scan your website for vulnerabilities and malware and ensure that you haven’t been labeled as a spammer.

Step 3 – Trusted Reputation: Website owners display the SiteLock certificate and assure customers that their business is legitimate and their website is safe and secure.

And you get to rest easy knowing:

  • That their patent-pending 360 degree scan technology is hard at work protecting your site
  • Your site is malware free
  • Customers know they can trust you
  • Your conversion rate is where it needs to be
  • Your emails reach your customers

To sign up or read more information on the special rate we have with sitelock just go to


Jul 07

Pirates of Silicon Valley' Movie (full) – Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Pirates of Silicon Valley’ is a movie about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.
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Dec 06

Reseller web hosting, what is it?

If you are new to hosting or just don’t know what reseller web hosting is, don’t worry you will now. Reseller hosting is simply buying in bulk and reselling for a profit. For example if you purchase 4 GB of storage space and 40 GB of bandwidth you could sell 40 accounts using 100 MB and 1 GB of bandwidth or in any other combination. Say if you charge $5 for the package having the resource allotment of 100 MB/ 1 GB you could bring in $200/month gross, while the reseller account would cost you less than $20/month. That comes out to be $180 profit a month. Not bad at all.

Ok, now that you understand the economics of reseller web hosting I will explain how it works system wise. The server owner manages the server and maintains upgrades/software/hardware etc. The server owner then sells off the web space to you the owner of the reseller account. The majority of servers have a control panel for you to manage all the accounts you create or resell. In SharkSpace’s case we use Cpanel with WHM (the reseller side of Cpanel) You can demo it here: http://www.sharkspace.com/info/whm.html

So basically reseller web hosting is like having a dedicated server without all the responsibility of keeping it up and maintaining upgrades. It is an easy way to manage large numbers of personal accounts or a great way to get you started as a web host for a very small investment.

Nov 06

Whats the next big thing coming to SharkSpace?

A very interesting question. We do have some big plans coming up for SharkSpace, but we can reveal them quite yet. I can although tell you about some of the things that are in the works now and are almost complete.

A new E-commerce only package that will include a dedicated IP address, SSL certificate and enough storage space and bandwidth to effectively run a business.

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